About LWI

Loyola has inculcated in all of us a firm moral conscience and a strong sense of doing right. Thus most of us are involved with charitable activities and social welfare on our own. We would like to channel these efforts more effectively through LOBA, into projects that are dear to all of us, thus making a difference to society.

The untimely illness of Mr. K S Pillai, one of our retired teachers, brought unbidden a massive show of support and monetary assistance. While it gave us the confidence to consider tapping into the 4000 strong alumni for their support, it also helped crystallise the first of our projects. We felt the immediate requirement was to take care of the healthcare of our staff, both serving and retired. The medical insurance scheme was conceived thus. While LWI was launched at the GLA on december 09,2016, the medical insurance scheme was set in motion with handing over of the cards to representatives of the staff on march 03,2016. The scheme was implemented through icici Lombard, and the first year's premium was 5.9 lakhs. We have renewed the scheme this year with new India insurance, premium being 3.9 lakhs.

The sad demise of Varghese uncle in January 2016 laid open our eyes to the reality of the nonteaching staff having to continue working well into their dotage to sustain themselves financially. To help them overcome their financial troubles, we decided to set up a pension scheme for the retired nonteaching staff.

There is no free lunch.Doing good and doing right cost money.Let’s join together in a major fundraising effort to help those who helped us in our formative years and who now find themselves struggling to stay afloat in the evening of their lives when they should be relaxing with their families and loved ones and enjoying a richly deserved retirement.LOBA appeals to every Loyola old boy to answer this call and give freely for this worthwhile cause.

Loyola Welfare Initiative - Make A Difference

Dear fellow Loyolites,

We have always been encouraged to do and think like citizens who care for the world.

When LOBA launched the Global Leadership Awards it was meant to be a means to an end. A means to unite a large network of old boys, for a larger good. The Loyola Welfare Initiative (LWI) was introduced in Dec 2015 with the purpose of putting our minds and resources together to make a contribution to society. The first project under this initiative was a medical insurance scheme for the school staff, both serving and retired, for a coverage of Rs 2 lakhs each. We can be proud of the fact that not many school alumni groups in the country have implemented such a scheme.

After spending the best years of their lives at school, the vast majority of the non-teaching staff are still in employment to sustain themselves. Hence the second major initiative was proposed in Jan 2017, a Pension Scheme for the non-teaching staff. This was ratified by the General Body at the 43rd AGM.

After discussions among ourselves and the school authorities, it was decided that the beneficiaries would be those who worked at school for at least 15 years and who retired from school. Such persons would receive Rs.10,000 per month.

The nine beneficiaries, thus identified, are:
1. Shri. S. Joseph, 2. Shri. E. Lazer, 3. Shri. Abdul Aziz, 4. Shri. A. Rajappan, 5. Smt. Sumathy C., 6. Shri. Mathew, 7. Smt. Pankajakshy, 8. Shri. Jose and 9. Shri. Mathai.

This pension scheme would not be extended to the current staff.

The medical insurance scheme is a bare-bones policy and we may need to expand its scope later. We anticipate that the expense may rise to Rs.6 lakhs in its complete avatar. The pension scheme will entail an expenditure of Rs.11 lakhs per annum. All things considered, we foresee an annual expenditure of approx Rs.20 lakhs per year. We cannot approach you for funds every year but if we can generate a corpus of about Rs.2 to 2.5 crore, then we can run these schemes with the interest that will accrue from this corpus, leaving the corpus untouched. Funds coming in for LWI are maintained separate from the rest of the LOBA accounts, and will remain so. The LOBA accounts are being audited every year to ensure financial probity.

The initial fund drive launched in 2016, for the medical insurance scheme, saw around 150 Loyolites contributing to a total of Rs.18 lakhs. Out of this, LOBA spent Rs.5.3 lakhs for the insurance scheme in 2016 and this year's renewal with New India Assurance cost us Rs.3.9 lakhs.

There is always a question as to how much of a contribution is enough - may we suggest an average of a one-time contribution of Rs.10,000 per person or Rs.10 lakhs per batch? Many benevolent individuals have already contributed/promised Rs.1 lakh each while a former generous Loyolite has committed Rs.5 lakhs as his contribution towards LWI.

Starting today, we may contact you either directly or through your Batch Ambassadors. We have already reached out and interacted with Loyolites of 1984, 1983, 1992, 1988, 1987 and now just last week with the BoSS (Batch of 77). Feedback and support that we receive each time gives us the confidence to march forward.

We plan to raise the required funds by end of December and launch the pension scheme soon after. This wouldn't take off without your wholehearted support. It's time to make a difference.

Best regards,

Pradeep P Suthan
President – Loyola Old Boys’ Association
Call/WhatsApp: +919846388212